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High Level Segment – Singapore Statement

Drug abuse a concern for all of us.  Damage to abuser and family and community.  Singapore has a zero tolerance stance toward drug abuse.  Tough measures have kept community safe.  SE Asia situation expected t worsen with higher heroin consumption.  Syndicates from Africa and S America targeting region bring in cannabis and heroin.
ASEAN and multilateral orgs have cooperated in large drug seizures and arrests of syndicate leaders.  Vision of drug free ASEAN.  Backdrop of worsening situation. Multiagency task force on drugs recommended comprehensive approach involving many agencies.  Upstream intervention for young abusers, treatment, active engagement of families and communities.  Strengthening drug laws to penalize drug laws.  Powers to list NPS.  Amended our laws to strengthen aftercare and treatment.  Provide ex-abusers with counseling and support.  in closer partnership with families and communities.  Many first time drug abusers arrested are young people below thirteen years old.  Important that we intervene early.  Zero tolerance to drug abuse like Queen of Sweden said yesterday.  Be unequivocal when we address our youth.  Targeted initiatives.  Range of platform.  FB, traditional and new media to reach out to youth, parents and schools  Parents play a vital role.  Youth who speak to their parents more likely to be deterred.  Dedicated casework and counseling programs.  Clear and consistent message to youth.  Celebrity deaths — disassociate drugs from glamour rather than bemoan.  Have not adopted harm reduction.  Despite this very few HIV infections.  Promote abstinence rather than minimizing harm from drugs.  Want a drug free Singapore rather than drug tolerant Singapore.  Clear stand against drugs here in Vienna.  Stand united to combat scourge.

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