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Statement of Armenia

Drug trafficking and abuse seriously harms economy, politics, and law and order in country.  No national origin.  Trafficking fortifies financial base of Organized Crime, International Terrorism, threat to human lives and health and national security of state.   2009 National strategy of government of Armenia adopted.  Fight against drug abuse and drug trafficking.  New strategy close to approval now.  Series of activities in prevention, elimination of trafficking, overall control of all layers of society involved in illegal business of drugs.  Cooperation of UNODC of greatest importance.  Welcome strategic outline that includes countries  of Southern Caucasus.  Container control problem starting implementation.  will strengthen control over trafficking.  Enhanced security of border checkpoints founded by EU.  Single window principle.  Adoption of JMS in 2009 for enhancement of international cooperation.  Date of 2019 a target to reduce cultivation, trafficking etc.  Welcome UNGASS 2016. Since launch of Paris Pact, Armenia has aligned itself with those goals.  Member of CSTO, Armenia participates in.  Canal Caucasus, October 2013, participation of law enforcement.  INCSR and WDReport Armenia not traditionally a producer or consumer country.  Not attractive for traffickers.  Tendency for drug abuse.  Tendency to use as transit country.  January case — customs officers discovered 928 kilo of heroin on Armenia Iran border headed for Turkey.  Need coordinated action to fight trafficking.  Increase cooperation between law enforcement.  Universality of fight against global threat.  Should prevail over narrow political interests of some participating states.

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