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Statement of UNAIDS — HC for Human Rights as well

UNAIDS.  amazing progress has been found in AIDS response after three decades.  12 million people with HIV accessing lifesaving treatment.  ARV treatment easier to access.  AIDS related deaths continue to fall except for drug users.  Two regions dominated by IDU.  Cannot achieve an AIDS free generation unless we reach most marginalized with compassionate and effective policies.  Have to halt and reverse epidemic among people who use drugs.
Latest data don’t give us hope.  To reduce HIV transmission among PWUD by 2015 was the target.  One of the only targets we will miss for great consequences for global AIDS reponse.  Can’t divide people into groups that are deserving and undeserving of our help.  Magnitude of problem significant.  150 countries reported  IDU [ … ]13% infected with HIV and also living with HCV. […]  5-10 % of all people living with HIV.  We are measuring in the dark.  Only data from China and Brazil.  Without data from Russia and US can’t make accurate estimates of progress.

Time for debate over, time for acting.  Time to implement packages for PWID.  This includes NSP and OST.  We know they are effective in halting epidemic of PWID.  All the data demonstrate that in combination with ARV improve health outcomes, decrease crime and increase quality of life for people affected.  In an era where HIV should be a chronic manageable disease this is a scandal.  No country should neglect commitments.  Cannot allow PWID to be punished, abused or forgotten.  Not just a public health issue, also an issue of human rights.  Closure of compulsory drug detention centers necessary.  Violation of HR, and contribute to spread of HIV and TB.  Several countries continue to maintain.  End mandatory HIV testing as it constitutes a serious violation of HR.  Mandatory drug testing equally unacceptable.  Not effective in reducing demand for drugs.  Drives people underground out of reach of life saveing services.  End to death penalty for drug offenses.  Criminalization of people for drug offenses increases vulnerability to infection of HIV and HCV.  Punitive law enforcement undermines HIV response.  Health workers struggle to engage meaningfully with injecting drug users.  Police often target centers that serve drug users to fill quotas.  We hope this session will finally consider an approach that considers drug dependency an illness not a crime.  Will be a massive jump to ending AIDS and closer to a more just and humane world.  Unite international AIDS movement and international movement for drug control.

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