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CND Intersessional – Thursday 4th December, morning session

Thursday morning

Pakistan: Discusses the representation of developing countries at UNODC and at field items.  This need to be kept open until the countries have reached understanding.  Draft decision has to be decided first. 

Chair: The discussion today will under corresponding items of commission’s agenda should first cover budget, and then WG on governance and financial situation of UNODC.

Ambassador of Philippines, representing G77 and China:  Reaffirms importance of CND decisions and CCPCJ.  The constrained financial situation of UNODC and the need to be sustainable is an issue.  Philippines expresses concern that the geographical representation from developing countries and gender balance is inadequate.  This affects to the highest standards and efficiency. Geographical representation must be taken into account, also field officers. 

GRULAC:  Human resources should be a priority at CND and at CCPCJ. The UNODC staff is not balanced and there is low representation in senior positions.  Human resources should become an agenda item of 2 commissions and FINGOV. 

Agenda items 12 and 3 respectively.

Sweden: The delegation comments on budget issues. There is a continued donor confidence in office, as well as a concern with the continual decrease in general donor funding.  A more comprehensive approach and strategic analysis. 

Norway:  The country is one of highest donors. Human rights and gender balance important cross cutting issues.  The implementation of all projects should be in accordance with these.  The HIV section deserves special mention here.

Russia: The country is contributing 1M USD this year to general fund, and in 2010 it contributing with 7 Mill USD.

US: The country contributed with 22millions USD in 2014 for special programs.  It will also support general program.

VNGOC meeting.  Budget discussion on the fee schedule. The aim of the Committee is to enable as many organisations as possible.  The country has voted to make a decision on budget, with some cautions.  The voting system for VNGOC is discussed and the Skype voting is removed. Other voting system is adopted. DESA the criteria for membership.

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