Committee of the Whole – Financial implications for resolutions L4, L5, L12 and L13

L4. OP5. Extra-budgetary resources: USD486,000 are required for the treatment and care of young people, including a 3 day workshop, a report, a professional staff and a general support staff for this activity. In addition, USD 2.21 million will be required for guidance and assistance to member states with 10 regional trainings, a professional staff, a professional support staff. Should the resources not be acquired, the activity will not take place.

L5. OP1 and OP3. Extra-budgetary resources: USD 122,000 per year until 2016 required for activities required for UNODC for drug testing laboratories.

L12. OP3 and OP6. Extra-budgetary resources: USD 735,000 for the INCB secretariat to administer the international import and export system for NPS starting in 2015.

L13. OP12. Extra-budgetary resources: USD 4.7 million will be required to address the funding gap of the SMART programme and to make additional enhancements, including professional staff, consultants, costs for missions, and expanding the Global SMART programme to 2017.

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