Committee of the Whole – Updates on resolutions L6, L8, L9, L10 and L13

L8.  USA Still in informals.  Take up later.

L.6 Italy. L.6. with interested delegations.  Proposal would be to insert in the title and through text, in OPs not PPs a reference to “internationally or nationally controlled substances”
Financial implications of L6.  Op. 7 — extra budg resources 181K USD one expert group meeting for travel, conference with interpretation for three days, professional staff for four months, two months to organise a meeting, then issue report. OP.8.  If the report is an oral report, 35,600 Professional staff for two months to prepare the report.  If formal written, 74K for professional staff, translation, printing.  Endorsed.

L9.  Russia.  Informal consultations are ongoing.  This process is quite simple.  Will carry on throughout today and we will make every effort to ensure that we can consider at the CoW tomorrow. 

L10. Russia. Situation is more or less the same.  In informals today. 

L13.  in informals

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