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On the road towards 2019 – the role of civil society in fostering social innovation

Organized by UNODC Civil Society Team and the Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs.

Chair 58th CND

It’s a pleasure to preside over this side event. CND has always considered the contribution of civil society. We recognise we need cooperation and input from all stakeholders on the world drug problem.

We must be reminded of the importance of 2019 when we will have a review of the 2009 declaration.

Acting Chair of the VNGOC

[Examining the NGO Marketplace]

For several decades the global community has pursued priorities in the area of drug prevention and treatment with limited success. Addressing this going forward is of critical importance. A major challenge is linking up UN agencies with local organisations.

What effect could an NGO marketplace (online platform) have?

It could increase inter-NGO collaboration and optimise public funding. It could increase the uptake of best practices at the local level which are consistent with global priorities.

Progressive Mindworks 

We’ve been tasked by the VNGOC to develop the NGO marketplace.

Suppose there’s a drug prevention project and there’s an NGO leading on this. However, the NGO can’t provide all the necessary services, meaning a gap in the puzzle, so to speak. The Marketplace can help fill these gaps and bring in funding by linking NGOs with donors.

The Marketplace is about connecting NGOs and funders on both local and global levels. Using the Marketplace, you can find NGOs in your region who work on similar issues. The point of the Marketplace is to automatically match projects with NGOs who can provide the required services.

Director of Corporacion Surgir

Surgir is an NGO in Colombia that’s been around for 35 years and works in the areas of prevention and drug dependence. We have programs for all population, children, adults, and so on.

Vice President of international programs, Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America

We have a public health approach to drug prevention. Over the past 10 years we’ve worked in 22 countries. We have materials in Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish and English. Our programs work to steer regional governments to local communities. We’re doing a lot of work right now with the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I think the Marketplace is an excellent platform to disseminate information. We feel our services are appropriate for countries around the world.

Progressive Mindworks

It’s our vision that you could make the Marketplace a public relations tool, also, for your organisation.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

It’s wonderful to see that this project has grown and I’m proud of CCSA’s role in its development. We provide national leadership on substance misuse and the harms of drugs, licit and illicit. I feel we can contribute globally by sharing our experiences. That’s not to say the same approach would work in other countries given different contexts, but we can learn from each other.

The Marketplace really matches the needs to the services and bottom line, it creates a community of practice. It builds capacity globally and creates collaborative efforts among the NGO community.

Progressive Mindworks

You can use the Marketplace to interact directly with key people within NGOs.

Slum Child Foundation 

I though the Marketplace would only be for the really big NGOs, but that’s not the case.

[Introduces the work of the Slum Child Foundation based in Kenya].

Moroccan Association for Listening and Dialog

[Outline of the work the Association does].

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