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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by Ghana

Drug abuse and illicit trafficking remain a major threat to the development of every country. Education programs in schools have intensified in Ghana to tackle drug use.

Traffickers are forming transnational networks and this is an expanding frontier that needs to be tackled. It needs state of the art equipment to tackle this problem.

Parts of Africa face significant challenges in tackling drug use and trafficking. Drug law enforcement officers must be trained and equipped to be ahead of the curve. The fight against trafficking must take into account long term affects.

The government of Ghana has made some progress to stem drug trafficking in the country by monitoring the importation of prescursor chemicals.

Ghana has always believed in international cooperation, and assistance from our partners is very much appreciated. Our responses must rely on evidence-based intelligence.

I reiterate, that the government of Ghana — a signatory to the three UN drug conventions — is committed to fighting the drug problem.

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