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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by Indonesia

Associate itself with the statement of G 77 and China, and the Asia group. Indonesia knows that the various illegal drug activities are still rampant. This is burdensome not only to the state, but also to the people individually and collectively. The widest measures of international cooperation are necessary. While much progress has been made, an integrated, multidisciplinary, mutually reinforcing, and balanced approach needs to be enhanced.

Indonesia’s current state of drug problems continues to pose serious threats and challenges to the economy, public health, and social life, particularly of the young people. Attracted transnational organized crimes that are getting Indonesia as a market for illegal drugs, particularly for ATS. Cannabis is also a major concern. Drug trafficking strings have spread throughout the country.

In view of the growing danger, the government has taken comprehensive and targeted approaches, including mobilization of all relevant stakeholders. Indonesia continues to develop demand reduction via rehabilitation programs, including improvement of hospitals. Demand reduction measures also include after care programs for drug addicts intentionally designed to cure addiction and provide life skills needed to reenter society. Variety of treatment programs are tailored to user needs. Government and NGOs provide these. Indonesia has a strong commitment to new paradigms of treatment, ensuring the rights of drug users to have access to treatment and rehabilitation, and as an alternative to imprisonment.

The world drug problem is our common and shared responsibility. Reiterate that trafficking, smuggling, and use of drugs pose a serious problem for society. Member states should implement strong national policies to hold drug traffickers and perpetuators responsible for their conduct.

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