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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by Morocco

The delegation of Morocco fully aligns itself with the statement made by the African delegation and the Group of 77.

The adoption of the 2009 declaration represents substantial progress on the issue of combating drugs and criminal trafficking networks. My country believes that the legal framework currently in place based on the Palermo Convention and the three UN drug treaties remain more salient than ever before.

Morocco is constantly affected by the scourge of drug trafficking. Trafficking networks increasingly use exceptional and sophisticated means. Our authorities have made sacrifices in order to ensure we are continually controlling the borders and coasts of our kingdom.

Combating drugs requires my country to meet considerable challenges. In 2014, our efforts made it possible to dismantle numerous criminal networks and seize a considerable amount of drugs.

Inter-state cooperation in our region falls short. Strengthening judicial and law enforcement cooperation is a must and we are working toward this.

Combating production and use of drugs is a national priority. Our approach is enshrined in the principles of human health and rule of law.

The anti-drug strategy involves a health and social approach, and has sought to strengthen the legislative framework, and enhance the involvement of civil society.

There is a clear consensus on the scourge of drugs. A drug free world is a spiritual aspiration. No country is free from this scourge, therefore we need increased international cooperation. The CND represents a key opportunity to outline the UNGASS agenda and work toward an operational road map that the world requires on drugs.

There is a need to adopt a new comprehensive and inclusive approach to combat drugs as the current approach has not had the desired results. This would include prevention measures and treatment for drug users. The international community ultimately shares the same goal; to protect citizens and our states from the harms of drugs.

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