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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by Poland

Poland fully supports the statement made by Latvia on behalf of the EU, however, we would like to add some words of reflection. We have been witnessing innovative, radical, and controversial approaches. The surge for rational and modern solutions revolves around the national level, leaving the global level behind.

The rising pressure of civil society significantly impacts drug policy making and implementing. Seems that experiences of countries should be perceived as encouragement of the full application of the conventions. The discussion should also incorporate the experiences of countries who are modernizing the drug control system. UNGASS is the perfect opportunity to start this discussion. Such a dialogue should be based on public health priorities, concentrating the activities on the humanitarian and health related aspects which should also emphasize human rights. Object to use of capital punishment. We also object to denial of OST in Crimea. The improvement of the status of drug users is of the highest priority. Administrative and not criminal law is used to deal with drug users in Poland, and there is no public interest in criminalizing them. NGO involvement is important.

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