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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by Russia

During our forthcoming discussion we will need to reconcile differences so as to agree approach to move toward a drug free world.

Our starting point will be 3 conventions. We sometimes hear it said that the conventions are obsolete, but we do not agree with this. the conventions are binding and must be adhered to. They are a common legal basis and provide a basis for devising a common solution to the drugs problem. if we start changing the conventions we’ll fail to tackle the world drug problem.

Regrettably, we’re seeing an increasing trend toward legalisation. We believe this approach will lead us into an abyss that could swallow up our youth.

The CND and UNODC must challenge this form of ideology in whatever form it takes. We commend the work of the INCB and support its recommendations to strengthen the conventions.

There are increasing reports that ISIS is seeking to gain control of the drugs trade to finance its activity, demonstrating how dangerous the drug trade is.

We’re concerned with the drug trafficking and production situation in Afghanistan. These are destabilising beyond the immediate region and request more effort to counter this. This is important in view of the withdrawal of forces from the country.

In the internet age, the fight against drugs is intertwined with new technologies. We need to align to properly combat this scourge. We look toward to full support from member states of the CND for our resolution that seeks to establish a counter drugs academy that looks to identity drug problems solutions in the world.

We look forward to open dialogue at this April’s anti-drugs conference to properly counter the global drugs scourge.

it would be misleading to suggest that the problem can only be tackled through punitive measures. There is a need to incorporate health approaches and ones focused on alternative development. We see alternative development as a fast track to a world without illegal drugs.

Our key partner is the UNODC, and Russia is one of its main donors; this is a donation for international peace and stability.

Mutually respectful cooperation between states and adherence to the conventions offer ways to properly combat the drug problem. We hope states will stand together in working toward a drug free world

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