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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by Saudi Arabia

This problem [drugs] is one of the main challenges facing governments. We hope this session will be successful in coming up with useful resolutions that deal with drugs properly.

In recent years, changes in global control of drugs have occurred. There is a growing need for more concerted action to overcome the problem. Out of a firm belief in the global nature of the drug problem, we reaffirm the need for enhanced cooperation. No single government can handle this program alone.

Saudi Arabia has been keen to counter this problem with all available means. Efforts made should to tackle the issue should be based on the conventions.

[Reads out drug seizures from 2014 in Saudi Arabia]

We have given attention to drug addicts in terms of medical care to ensure they are rehabilitated. A number of programs are focused on families and youth in the country to prevent drug use.

With regard to international cooperation, we must continue to encourage this to combat drug trafficking. We have worked with similar agencies in neighbouring countries to limit the trafficking in illicit substances.

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