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Resolution L10. Promoting the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Alternative Development (continued)

Thailand. We agreed on a number of paras but are still in negotiations for a number of other paras.

Ecuador. We were clear on Friday, showing concern because of use of language we don’t agree with. We have essential disagreements on OP1 but no delegation approached us to discuss this. I ask you not to defer this process any longer. Time is pressing on and we have other obligations requiring our presence. Thank you.

Thailand. Further consultations will focus on PP1.

Peru. We did have consultations with the main co sponsors and we cannot at this point provide any compromise language now. We request deferring consultations until we can consult with our capital.

Ecuador. On Friday we had concerns with both PP1 and OP1. The proposal for OP1 is not to eliminate or drastically change the content. We just need a caveat because there were recommendations approved in Thailand that go against our national legislation. If we cannot negotiate this para, I reiterate that we are willing to work on language. But we would have to ask for a vote eventually. We would like to be clear and consistent on this. Several times we requested changes that were not taken into account. None of the co sponsors approached us to discuss PP1 or OP1. I want to make this clear.

Morocco. My country is one of the co sponsors. We had a co sponsors meeting to come up with a solution on this issue. For us and all other delegations it was clear that the resolution was to be adopted except for PP1 and OP1. And this was linked to an essential issue on the role of the 3 Conventions. We all heard there was an opportunity to discuss this on Monday to discuss on a compromise. Some co sponsors don’t have instructions from capitals so we haven’t been able to get in touch with others. We are still waiting or response for our capitals to find a compromise solution. Tomorrow morning we will hopefully have the opportunity to find compromise. We refuse any threat or pressure on member states. We too can suggest to take a vote but we’ve always worked towards consensus and want to keep the spirit of Vienna. We hope others can agree with that too.

Chair. I call for an inclusive approach so that we can move ahead once instructions have been received and that concerns from Colombia and Ecuador can be resolved. There are not many problems left so I hope that tomorrow we can pass this resolution.

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