Committee of the Whole – Resolution L.12 Promoting measures to prevent HIV and other blood-borne infections among people who use drugs, and increasing financing for the global HIV/AIDS response and for drug use prevention and drug demand reduction efforts (Thursday afternoon)

Link to draft resolution as submitted before the session. 

Norway: We have been through this in the informals and agreed on everything in the informals. We just have some issues on OP.4 and OP.5.

Comments on final PP

Brazil: In this paragraph that we just agreed upon, we should say ‘use drugs’ not ‘injecting drugs’ for consistency.

USA: We would support broader term of ‘use’.

UNODC: We will need $5,750,000 per year to enact PP.2 in order to provide comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment programmes. Adaption of resolution would not require any additional funds for enaction.

Chair: Resolution finalised and sent to plenary for vote.



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