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Committee of the Whole (Friday Afternoon) – Final meeting. Various resolutions.

L4.Rev 1 – Algeria, Andorra, Belarus, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland…

Outlines extra-budgetary resources required. Invites commission to adopt the resolution. Any statements? No.

Co-sponsors – Iraq, Pakistan, Peru, Bosnia Herzegovia, Honduras, El Salvador, Libya, Lichtenstein, Nigeria, Paraguay, Philippines

L5. Rev 1  – no financial implications.

Cosponsor – Peru, Norway, Honduras, Paraguay

L7. Rev 1 – PMTCT

Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala (as well as those listed)

Financial implications – OP 11 – additional $343K USD required to support MS in implementing measures, including an expert group meeting in Vienna to share latest developments on PMTCT on WUD and the development of a technical brief on this issue with one staff for 4 months over three years (P4 level).

OP12 – $5.7m required by UNODC to provide to the HIV Section for leadership and guidance on this issue.


Co-sponsors –  Austria, Colombia, France, Germany, Canada, NL, Honduras, Finland, Portugal, Nigeria

L8. Rev 1

OP5 – $681K required to promote utilisation of authorisation system – staff costs.

OP6 – $300K required to identify obstacles that have prevented wider participation.


Co-sponsor – Austra, Col, Iraq, US, LIchenstein.

L9. Rev 1 –

Ecuador, Morocco

Financial implications:

OP 6 – 246K for one EGM for 3 days in Vienna without interpretation to further dialogue on AD. 34K for the report in 6 languages.

OP 7 – oral report


Co-sponsors: Russian Federation, Honduras, Philippines and Bulgaria on behalf of EU.

L10. Rev 1 –

Financial implications: none


Cosponsors – Bulgaria on EU, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Norway, Argentina, Honduras.

L6. Rev 1 –

Financial implications: – OP 6, 7 and 13

OP 6 – $45K to increase data sharing on the existing online portals


Co-sponsors – Colombia, Estonia, Finland, France, Honduras, Canada, Serbia.

Draft report

58/1 – efforts to reduce the length of its annual report for resolutions and decisions adopted… The report will only include reference to the financial statements and full statements will be in a CRP on the UNODC website.

Wietze Sijtsma (Rapporteur – Netherlands): Thank you Madame Chair. Draft report in 5 documents – Addendum 1-4

L1 – proceed addendum by addendum…

L1: Organisation of the session and administrative matters.

No comments, adopted.

L1/Add.1 – References to the general debate.

No comments, adopted.

L1/Add.2 – Strategic Management issues

No comments, adopted.

L1/Add.3 – Implementation of the Drug Control Treaties

No comments, adopted.

L1/Add.4 – Implementation of Political Declaration and Plan of Action

No comments, adopted.

Adjourned at 18.00 until 19.00 after L2 and L3 new drafts were circulated.

L3 – gaveled


South Africa joins Russia – don’t want a take it or leave it approach

Chair – extended time to negotiate. No room to negotiate a more ambitious resolution.

Iran – align with Russian statement on behalf of number of countries. Our concerns weren’t taken into account in draft resolution. Want to collaborate to achieve mutually acceptable language. Please reflect this in the report.

Bulgaria – on behalf of EU; Australia, Bosnia, Canada, Colombia, Switzerland, Uruguay, United States (…) align with latest draft. Text took into account suggestions of those participating. More substantial document would have taken into account participation of civil society, strengthen of ARQs, SDGs.

Peru – sometimes have to make concessions to reach consensus. We think your suggestion to think of the modalities in the run up to the HLM was the minimum requisite. Still some unresolved issues.

Pakistan – aligns with Russian statement. Importance to 2019 mtg. progress of goals of 2009. Three important elements we want: clarity of 2019 meeting; draft should include clarity of what is to be reviewed; no redundancy.

Vietnam – aligns with Russian: no consensus of all members. Revised amendments but weren’t considered. Suggest modalities of HLM be discussed at intersessionals.

Argentina – supports draft

China – obvious that many MS are not satisfied with this text. Believe that current draft can serve as basis for further work.

Nigeria – our ideas not taken on board. Res forms basis for dialogue in intersessionals. 2009 very important.

Uruguay – supports EU statement.

Cuba – supports Russian statement. Important to maintain spirit and commitment. Suggestions to continue discussions should be taken into account.

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