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Committee of the Whole (Tuesday Afternoon) L5. Laboratory support for the implementation of the scheduling decisions of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (Continued from the morning)

Secretariat: There are informals on L10 going on now.


Chair: Let us pick up where we left off with L5


Finland: We have done the separate informal consultations, but we have not reached a conclusion. We are grateful for Singapore who are willing to agree on OP3 and the agreed language in 58/9. We could not agree with Iran on this language and therefore since we discussed with them on the para on the technical assistance, but our colleague thinks this should be combined with the human rights para. With my skills this was not going much further, we need your guidance on how to move this forward. We have tried, and I am thankful for these negotiations.


Chair: No breakthrough has been made. Finland shall we have more deliberations in the COW or allow more time for informals on the side?


Finland: I would appreciate your help.


Chair: Let us look at that text again. There are two paragraphs still in brackets. Finland you can help us go through it.


Finland: Previously agreed language for alt 2 is word by word from the resolution 58/9 this was agreed with all states apart from Iran. This is still our suggestion.


Iran: I would like to discuss OP2. After that I will have time to go back to the proper words for that. I invite Finland to explain their wording.


Finland: Just as we consulted there was a suggestion that instead of having it there we would have a new para requesting UNODC ‘requests the UNODC to continue to provide technical assistance upon request to assure the implementation of this resolution.’


Iraq: Actually I was about to propose a second text. It is almost the same as what was suggested by Finland. It could be a way out because it was included in a general assembly resolution.


Chair: I invite comments on Finland suggestion.


UK: Thank you Finland this captures the elements we are looking for while being directly relevant. We support the text.


Chair: Can we approve? Agreed. We go back to OP2. I see no comments, can we approve it? Agreed. We have the last paragraph in this resolution: the text tagged ALT 2. Iran, any comments?


Iran: I am thinking to have a proper replacement please let me have some time.


Chair: Iran is consulting right now on this paragraph so we will briefly pause.


Iran: I need more time. Tomorrow I will respond. The third line in the PP.


Chair: Which line?


Iran: ‘A matter of protecting human rights’ tomorrow we will provide more information on this.


Finland: It is customary when we cannot agree we go back to the agreed language. It is nice to adapt language but since we are just one paragraph away from adopting the resolution could we please refer back to the agreed language?


Chair: It is agreed language that came out in our session before lunch and was agreed by all delegations. I would like to put this again, I appreciate Iran is in process of consultations but the delegation may want to consider this is not new language and has been agreed before.


Iran: I positively will contact my captor, it takes time. Tomorrow morning, I will give the response.


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