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Side event: Good results from low investments – mobilisation of resources for the prevention and recovery in low-resourced settings

Organised by FORUT Campaign for Development and Solidarity, IOGT Norway, Uganda Youth Development Link, the Croatian Association of Clubs of Treated Alcoholics, and the Malawi Girl Guides Association.

Started late: 13:20

Croatia: Differences between Hudolin’s CTA and Alcoholics Anonymous – qualified experts used, family approach and the club’s public activities influence the community.

The role of qualified experts in Hudolin’s model is to provide expert knowledge of alcohol support and abstinence and encourage members to invest in themselves. After 1 year of CTA 60% of participants were abstinent – this number was 40% after 5 years. This model takes into account how drug use also effects those around drug users.

Uganda: young people as prevention activists and change agents – 80% of the 41million people in Uganda are aged 12-30 with 80% youth unemployment.

1529 people surveyed – 31% used drugs, 8% had been to prison, 10% had children

We see young people as an opportunity who can be empowered and make a difference to their communities- we believe they can be entrepreneurs’ leaders and world changers far too often youth are side-lined on the issues that affect them and have little or no say in the policies we need to engage them. Youth led approaches are the next step forward with peer to peer initiatives in sport drama etc youths are not only the stakeholders in in their immediate future but their community’s long-term well-being also.

Chair: opens floor to Norway

Norway: project manager of strong and clear – working with children with disabilities and drug preventions – supports parents help guide their children through a drug-and-alcohol-free future. We have the perspective of parents being a really good tool for helping their children. Our target group is parents with children aged 13-16 we train parents to be better parents – we only talk to the parents and encourage them to do prevention work for their kids and their own communities. our message is that parents are responsible for all children in their community. We hold 4 parental meetings over 3 years – 8th grade summer – parenthood and parents as role models, 8th grade winter – alcohol and cannabis prevention. 9th grade – mental health social media and gaming, 10th grade – transition from secondary to high school.First part of session is a talk on the chosen subject then second part is getting to know each other and find shared ground and what we expect – we help and try get parents in contact with each other, so they know each other. We also invite children to sign a deal to not consume alcohol or drugs – prizes are won upon completion such as driving lessons.We challenge parents to set boundaries and restrictions, be an aware and positive role model, to talk about risk and harms with your children. We need to make alcohol and drug free lives attractive to our children.

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