Committee of the Whole (Thursday morning) L3- Promoting and improving the collection and analysis of reliable and comparable data to strengthen balanced, integrated, comprehensive, multidisciplinary and scientific evidence-based responses to the world drug problem (Continued)


Chair: We have found another paragraph which we have not discussed. Nigeria yesterday signalled its preliminary agreement with the language on the screen (8bis). We will wait for the Nigerian delegate to arrive to discuss this. Then we will consider the draft resolution L4. For resolution L3 PP 1,2,3,4,5,6,6bis,7,8,9,10,11,13 all are agreed (L3). PP 12 is an issue for the Nigerian delegation to agree language. PO 1, 1bis, 2, 3,4 ,5 ,6 ,8. 8 bis not agreed yet. 7 has been deleted.

8bis – there is a proposal to convene an informal international scientific network. Can we lift the brackets? 8 bis accepted? No comments – agreed

The secretariat has taken into account the proposal by Australia to change the PP12 in terms of grammar.


Nigeria: We are ready to agree with the paragraph. 

Mexico: A minor point: a slight change ‘ensure effective UN interagency’

Chair: Alt 2 PP12(FIN): accepted and agreed in CoW. 

Netherlands: Preference on the Alt. OP9 (FIN). We want to add “and ensure effective UN interagency collaboration to support its implementation of the international dating control policies and .. in particular through improver and coordinated data collection.”

Chair: Any comments? Accepted and agreed in CoW. We delete all other paras

Netherlands: One final request. Could we move PP14 to a different position?

Chair: We need to hear from the Secretariat on the financial implications of L3 so we break for 5mins.

Secretariat: (Budgetary details)

Mexico: We share our appreciation so we want to add Mexico to the list of co-sponsors.

Netherlands: We pleased to have to come to consensus.

Australia: We wish to co-sponsor the resolution.

Norway: We wish to co-sponsor the resolution.

Chair: We send the resolution ECN77/L3 to the Plenary for adoption.


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