Resolution L4 (Afternoon Session): Promoting alternative development as a development-oriented drug control strategy for building back better from the COVID-19 pandemic


Peru: We had a 4th informal meeting and have updates. The first point is the title of the draft resolution.

Chair: Agreed.


Peru: Next point is PP4. After informal discussions, we received an additional proposal which has lead to addition of PP4 alt 2 and PP4 alt 2bis. Both of these paragraphs stem from original draft.

Chair: Agreed.

PP4 atl 2

Chair: Agreed.


Peru: One delegation pointed out that paragraph is already covered by another paragraph. The delegation suggested to delete this paragraph to avoid repetition.

Chair: Agreed.


Peru: Agreed to revert to previous draft of this paragraph.

Chair: Agreed.


Peru: Second point made in informals was about OP1. We have consensus about new text, especially about Covid-19 language.

Chair: Agreed.

OP2 alt 3

Peru: After discussions, we have consensus about this point.

Chair: Agreed.


Peru: Request move OP8 to after OP2 alt 3. This paragraph was agreed yesterday, but there was one minor issue which was grammatical, but delegations are now in agreement.

Chair: Agreed.

OP3 alt 2

Peru: Agreed in informals.

Chair: Agreed.

OP 3bis

Peru: Final point is a proposal to include additional paragraph underscoring the importance of implementing alternative development.

Chair: Agreed.

Peru: OP3 has now been moved further up in the text. With the addition of OP3 bis, we have covered all changes.


Chair: Agree with all paragraphs. Agree with whole text. Sent to plenary.

To co-sponsor send note verbaie to the Secretariat. CoW will continue tomorrow.

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