Resolution L.4 (Afternoon Session): Promoting alternative development as a development-oriented drug control strategy for building back better from the COVID-19 pandemic


Peru: We have had 3 informal consults about this resolution. We have revised the proposed text which has allow us to move forward and achieve consensus among states. First part of text is the title. Delegations have expressed interest in this as final part of negotiations.

Chair: Title will be discussed at the end. There has been some access issues, so we will break for five minutes.

Chair: Many delegates are still having issues. We will delay another 5 minutes.

Chair: We will move forward. Everyone agreed on PP1.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Peru: In today’s informal, one member pointed out that list should be considered from different perspective. 5 alternative paragraphs were put forward.

Chair: Can we agree?

Peru: Can we continue revision of proposal tomorrow in informals?

Chair: Yes. PP4 sent to informals.


Russia: Unfortunately, due to tech problems, our delegation wasn’t able to attend COW. We aren’t the only delegation to have this issue. can we return to beginning of the discussion for delegations not able to attend COW.

Chair: Will make summary of discussion now. Do these delegations agree to PP1 through PP3? Agreed. Do these delegations agree to PP5? Agreed.


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed


Peru: We are still waiting on one delegation to finish consulting its capitol. This is based on 63-5 of CND last year. The point is to keep a society free of drug abuse and keep language in line with CND.

Chair: Delegation that needs to consult with its capitol will return tomorrow for further discussions.


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Return to PP8

Peru: Agreed from consultations from other delegations. PP 8 includes language that reflects the effects of the pandemic in terms of funding and resources.

Chair: Agreed


Peru: After discussions, we came up with the wording in PP9 ALT 2, which address challenges posed by COVID19 pandemic both regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Peru: OP1 has already been upon by participating states.

Chair: Everyone agrees with OP1?

Russia: We have a proposal to improve the paragraph without changing the meaning. We would add the phrase ‘affected by the world drug problem’ after the words ‘leave no one’.

Peru: We already had a broad ranging exchange on this point. I’d like to maintain it as agreed in the informals.

Chair: I think there is a red line in all the resolutions on the language ‘world drug problem’ / ‘world drug situation’. I’d like to take it to the extended bureau. So this is not an agreed paragraph.


Chair: Still open


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed


Chair: Agreed

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