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Resolution L6. (Wednesday Morning) Improving data collection on, and responses to, harmful effects of non-medical use of pharmaceuticals

Chair: L4 was agreed last night and submitted to the Plenary. We now discuss L6.

Nigeria: I am glad to announce Angola also joined the cosponsors. In the second reading, we were able to agreed on 14 paragraphs including the title. We appreciate the cooperation and good spirits and flexibility demonstrated by colleagues.

Chair: The new title is „Improving data collection on and responses to harmful effects of non medical use of pharmaceuticals, containing the cost of drug psychotropic substance or new psychoactive substance.” Delegates – do we agree on this? Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: There is supposed to be a comma after 1988.

Jamaica: And a full-stop after „humankind”.

Chair: Do we agree? Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: the last part of pp1 has been an issue. We have one delegation who  insisted that it shouldn’t be separated from the other political documents and if we have the proposal from Russia, which could be a slight modification we could already agree this as well as pt one.

Russia: replace „taking note” with „recalling” – if this is okay for other delegations, we are willing to show flexibility to remove the mention of the ministerial declaration.

Nigeria: We can accept. France and Netherlands requested that we should move the last reference to the declaration to the next pp. So, with this proposal using „recalling”, we agree.

France: We would like to add „recalling also” to pp1ter.

Russia: Yes.

USA: I do not have any opposition to the edits in PP one, but merely wanted to call the attention of the room to a word that is extraneous and does not reflect our new titles. So, if, if I may, I’m looking at line four. Following containing narcotic drugs. There should be a comma, and, and the word and psychotropic substances and should be deleted, so that the Para reads containing narcotic drugs comma psychotropic substances or new psychoactive substances. That way we reflect our new title accurately.

Nigeria: Yes, I was going to propose that too. Thank you!

Chair: Do we agree on pp1 as it is on the screen? Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: there are strong proposals which has also enjoyed consensus to move these PP after PP three. So that’s just the only addition I would like to make

Chair: Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: We are recalling our previous commitments here, so we think that colleagues should be able to agree.

Chair: Good. Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: no comments, this was a suggestion by a delegation and is consistent with the objective of the resolution.

Russia: We are fully behind this paragraph but we did notic a small editorial issue when it comes to terminology related to the scope of the resolution – repetition on the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines so we suggest deleting the phrase beginning with „and misuse…” from line 4.

Nigeria: Agreed and accept.

Chair: Can we live with this? Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: it did not cause any difficulties – we are in agreement.

Chair: Delegates support pp6? Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: Agreed in informals.

France: 58/9 – we should remove the word „exchange”. I am asking other delegations for their view on this.

Nigeria: The original proposal was contested before this was accepted as an alternative – this is a compromise. If the use of the word „recalling” to reference the resolution is problematic, we can discuss but „exchange” is important to us. Could France live with this?

Colombia: It is not all that easy to have „exchange” in here because the resolution we are recalling is not including it. We support France’s proposal.

USA: There were efforts to combine suggestions so wee have „exchange” now. Given that the text is referencing a specific resolution, we are okay with the removel to accurately reference 58/9.

Nigeria: okay, we can go along with this.

Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: This is referencing the World Drug Report, we had no difficulty coming to consensus.

Chair: Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: This is one of the most important paragraphs so we made consensus by referencing already agreed on language.

Chair: Agreed by COW.


Russia: Re pp10, we have a small correction: „roles” instead of „role” and remove „that” in the 3rd line.

Nigeria: Yes.

Chair: Agreed for a second time. Now on to pp5 – I saw you agreed in informals.

Nigeria: Yes, there is a small amendment: delete „misuse” and up to „psychoactive substances” and include NPS as agreed regarding the title.

Russia: We have some doubts but we agree about the prevalence of the international security challenge so we propose replacing „public health and welfare and law enforcement” with the language from the UNGASS outcome document „health, safety and wellbeing of all humanity”.

Nigeria: We are in your hands Chair.

Chair: We will listen to some delegations and I will give the floor back to you if there is a controversy.

Nigeria: The elements of focus of this resolution was discussed extensively, we would propose to move this to pp11

Chair: okay, so OP1 will be pp11. Delegates, do we agree? Agreed by COW.


Chair: Agreed in informals?

Colombia: [editorial change]

Chair: Agreed by COW.


Chair: Agreed by COW.


Nigeria: Budgetary proposals were agreed in the informals.

Chair: Agreed by COW.

Chair: COW will resume at 6pm.

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