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Committee of the Whole – L2. Promoting alternative development as a development-oriented drug control strategy, including measures to protect the environment (continued.)

Chair: We received a note from Australia that they decided to withdraw L6 so we continue with L2. The original title was “Promoting alternative development as a development-oriented drug control strategy, including measures to protect the environment   ” as presented by Germany, Peru and Thailand.

Thailand: In the informal consultations, we spent almost all our time tackling what I believe was the main pending paragraph… We were trying to bridge the gap between delegations. USA and Australia have been very helpful in rearranging our language as we discussed here. We ended up with only two caveats and we asked delegations to check with their capitals. It has been a whole night since, so I hope all delegations were able to come back to the committee with good news and we can move on today.

Chair: Secretariat is asking for a few minutes to fix technical issues, we will continue after a brief break.



Russia: We considered options for carbon credits. We are pleased to work with this suggestion, with caveats. We would like to move these caveats from the other para. Propose to move ‘as appropraite’ after the words, ‘as well as of’ and add one of the caveats proposed earlier ‘as appropriate and in accordance with domestic legislation’. These payment systems are not universal practice, we respect that and hope it is reflected in the text. We hope other MS will take this into consideration on PP12

Thailand: We stressed in informals yesterday that the text was already weak – the addition of one more caveat we can go along with, I speak as the chair of the informal discussion.

Chair: I ask the room – can this text, OP8alt3, can be approved? No objections. This text is agreed in CoW.

Germany: We need more time to check this language. Can we go ahead with PPs then come back.

Chair: OK, we will set aside this text and get to PPs.

Thailand: We have been informed by a number of delegations that they are happy to work on the language proposed by the Russian Federation – in orange on the screen.

Germany: We believe, and I think this applies to a lot of delegations in the room, that we have to see the resolution in its entirety before agreeing to this text. We are a bit worried that we have watered down the substance of this resolution already so at this stage we retain our reservations on this PP as is on the screen.

Chair: Very well. This is a question to both Thailand and Germany, what are the alternatives? No comments? I would then ask all delegations. We are in a late stage in our negotiations, so I ask all delegations to present, to a largest possible extent, alternatives. Given that we are running out of time, it would be useful to make progress.

Thailand: Due to the change in language in OP8, we have to find ways to compromise and consider this PP together with OP8, but it is very difficult in this time to give suggestions without reflecting back to OP8, so we ask for your patience while we are looking for solutions.

Germany: We have to check the overall situation, so I fully agree with the colleague from Thailand. Based on the acceptance of OP8, we would go ahead like this if the caveat that have just been introduced would be removed from OP8.

Russia: In yesterdays informal, I believe we mentioned we will make new proposals and the sponsors were ready to consider our caveats. The fact of the matter is that it seems we are moving away from consensus. There have been many other caveats introduced by other delegations – there are many caveats in the latter parts of the paragraphs and that is why Russia made a number of concessions. We believe our proposal does not undermine the purpose of this paragraph. We regret that delegations are refusing to discuss PP12. It would be better if we could adopt a more constructive approach.

France: We would also need a little more time to consider these two paragraphs, particularly given the fact that they are linked.

Chair: Let´s proceed like this: There is no other text submitted for discussion with regards to these resolutions. I suggest a 20 minute break. Oh, but PP2 and OP6 are still outstanding – If you prefer, we can continue on those?

Thailand: PP2 we are still in the same position as yesterday morning. There have been a couple of proposals from Iran we are ready to consider.

Chair: Iran is not online, we are aware they are having some technical difficulties


Thailand: OP6 was already agreed in informals then we had one proposal, but received no further comment, so the situation is the same as the end of the CoW yesterday.

Germany: We discussed yesterday in the CoW that this suggestion did not add any utility to the text, but does not give harm. In the spirit of agreement, we can go ahead with this version of OP6.

Chair: Ok, OP6 agreed in CoW. Now we go back to PP2.


Iran: Regarding PP2 we just have an observation. For consensus we can go ahead with the last version of the paragraph. Delete: “different national realities, capacities, and levels of development and respecting national policies and priorities and other”

Chair: Ok, with this decision we can agree to the paragraph. PP2 agreed in CoW. Now we go back to PP12 – Thailand, is it time to go back to this?

Thailand: Since we only have two paragraphs left, OP8 and PP12 we would like to take a short break for delegations to take time to think about the wording of these two paragraphs, then come back.

Chair: Ok, we reconvene at 11.15

Thailand: During the break, I think we found a solution: in OP8alt3 we move “as appropriate” back to where it was and “in accordance with domestic legislation” to the end of the paragraph.

Chair: OP8alt3 is agreed in CoW.


Thailand: Now that we agreed on OP8, we can also agree on this as proposed by Russia.

Chair: Okay, I don’t see any other comments – agreed in CoW. It seems that we agreed on L2. After this long consultation, it is everyone´s resolution, so I thank you all for your work!

Colombia: We wishes to underscore that we attach most importance to this resolution so we would like to co-sponsor.

Guatemala: We would also like to co-sponsor and thank delegations for the work on this resolution.

Thailand: Thank you Chair for your able guidance despite your COVID and I thank all delegates that participated constructively in the spirit of compromise. Thanks to the conference services and for everyone´s support. We look forward to Friday´s session when the commission will hopefully adopt this resolution and welcome all further co-sponsorships.

Chair: I would like to ask the Secretariat to inform us about our plans for the afternoon.

Secretariat: We will break the work of the CoW so all delegations can attend the vote in Plenary and will resume at 5pm with the consideration of L4 and at 6pm we will move on to L3.

Chair: Thank you all. Meeting adjourned.

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