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Committee of the Whole L5. Promoting comprehensive and scientific evidence-based early prevention

Slovenia: we had constructive informals that redefined the word ‘flexibility’ but we thank all delegates for their constructive approach. We confirmed to delete PP11bis, amend PP11ter and this is agreed in informals.

Chair: What is the feeling of the room regarding PP11bis and PP11ter? Are there any comments? I see none. Let’s consider both agreed in CoW.

Slovenia: We worked on the text amended this morning and we have deleted the reference on the marginalised segments of population and have gone along with: vulnerable members of society especially children in socially and economically marginalised situations (changed environments with situations).

Chair: I see no requests for the floor, this is now agreed in CoW.

Slovenia: We have deleted the reference to social marginalisation and ‘and systems’ in the middle of the text, and this was agreed in the informals.

USA: We need to delete the word ‘in’ in the second line, it is a technical edit.

Chair: Any other comments on OP5? I see none, this is now agreed in CoW.

Slovenia: We have finished our considerations and agreed everything needed in the CoW.

Chair: let me thank you all for your flexibility and your work, and having this agreement that reflects the common position of the CoW.

Brazil: Brazil wants to co-sponsor this resolution.

Thailand: Those who attended our side event on Monday saw the strong emphasis on prevention among young people. We also want thank the co-sponsors and congratulate them. Thailand co-sponsors this draft resolution.

USA: We express our appreciation to all in the room for the spirit of compromise and to you chair for your work and guidance.

Australia: We thank you for your excellent leadership and also want to thank Slovenia for chairing the informals and getting us to this point. Australia also wants to thank all delegates to ensure we had language acceptable on what is a critical issue for all of us.

Colombia: We express our appreciation to all delegations that worked so constructively on all resolutions. Yesterday we expressed our support for this resolution and that we want to be cosponsors for this resolution. The Government of Colombia also now wants to cosponsor the US resolution L7.

Iran: I congratulate all sponsors and cosponsors of this resolution. I thank you Mr Chair for your efforts, patience and professionalism and fairness. Without your help it would have been difficult to end our journey in this session.

Guatemala: Thanks to all delegations for the compromise and to you chair in your situation, it’s difficult to be online and in your situation. I commend your work and that of the Secretariat.

Chair: This week was a good example of how multilateral work is done in the spirit of responsibility and creativity, and also thinking about your interests and also the interests of others. I thank you all and will see you in the Plenary. The meeting is adjourned.

Secretariat: If you want to submit your co-sponsorship, please submit a note verbal by Monday. The Plenary will start at 5pm this afternoon.

Canada: My question is a point to order: is there any chance we could start the Plenary at 4pm?

Secretariat: We didn’t want to use interpretation time so we decided to go ahead from 2-4 and then resume at 5pm, also to make sure that for the parts of the report that are ready for adoption, they would also be available in all languages. We’re all in the same situation, we’d prefer to leave sooner rather than later, but in the interest of multilingualism I ask for your patience and flexibility to resume at 5pm.

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