Committee of the Whole. Resolution L.7: Intensifying efforts to address the proliferation of uncontrolled and designer precursors used in the illicit manufacture of drugs (Tuesday morning session)


Chair: Yes, there were different alternatives, but we didn’t have time. USA, could you introduce the text?

USA: Yes, our intent is to encourage states to prevent the exploitation of precursors and prevent their export/import.

Chair: I see no comments on paragraph 8.

USA: We had a good discussion on OP8. Colombia proposed an alt that we see on the screen now. It introduced a number of ideas so we propose retaining this alt and suggest to use this as a bis to the original OP8. This is really to focus on legislative measures that is not yet really reflected. I propose a new version that I will paste in the chat-box “Urges MS, as appropriate, to take legislative action to…

Russia: Our delegation actively participated in the discussion on this resolution. Yet, at this time, the delegations responsible for the conduct of this are part of a very important discussion in the plenary and thus unavailable to join the CoW. Therefore, we would like to reserve the right to reverse some of the paragraphs that are currently discussed in the plenary. I hope colleagues understand that with the hybrid format, there are some challenges.

Chair: I see no further comments, so I ask the USA if we can clean up the text a bit now? And can we look at the original paragraph as I see there is an alt proposed.


Chair: So, let´s delete paragraph 8. Any comments here? Russia?

Russia: Actually, we haven´t asked for the floor but I would like to repeat that we are not able to agree and would like to return to the discussion of these texts at a later stage.

Chair: Are you referring to paragraph 8? Or could you tell me what you are referring to?

Russia: I am talking about all paragraphs that are discussed at the Cow. That would include paragraph 8. Our experts leading talks on this resolution are at a parallel meeting. We would like to help make progress on the text but we do count on your understanding.

Chair: Okay, if we have one delegation who can agree, then it is a waste of time to deliberate these. So I propose we take a break now and I hope at 2pm everyone will be properly represented and can commit to the discussion of the draft resolutions. We will continue the consideration of L7 at 2pm.

Secretariat: L7 will resume at 2pm and L5 approx at 3pm

Chair: Well… unless Slovenia is not ready by 3pm, from 2pm-3pm we do L7 and then we move on to L5. Then we will see how the evening go.

Slovenia: Indeed. We will have informals at 1pm and will come to the Cow at 3pm.

Chair: See you at 2pm.

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