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Informal Dialogue with the UNODC Executive Director

International Drug Policy Consortium: What work has the UNODC done (in particular in collaboration with the WHO) to highlight the need for ‘overdose prevention’ and the provision of harm reduction interventions as a central element of countries’ response to the current overdose crisis? Yury Fedotov, UNODC: We collaborate on a number of issues, including on overdose …

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Plenary Session: Item 7. Follow-up to the special session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem held in 2016, including the seven thematic areas of the outcome document of the special session.

Canada – Canada is a strong supporter of the UNGASS outcome document and is committed to the implementation of its operational recommendations. The UNGASS outcome document not only represents the latest international consensus, but provides a balanced and comprehensive guide for our efforts to respond to the world drug problem. By incorporating key commitments from the …

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CND Intersessional Meeting – 10 October: Operational recommendations on Demand reduction and related measures, including prevention and treatment, as well as other health-related issues

CND Chair: I propose that we tackle the more logistical agenda items 2 and 3 first, before moving onto the thematic discussions (agenda item 1). Agenda item 2 – plans for the reconvened 59th CND (December) and the 60th CND (March). New nominees have been put forward for 2nd Vice-Chair (Brazil) and 3rd Vice-Chair (Nigeria). …

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UNGASS: Thirtieth special session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem (6th plenary meeting)

General debate [item 7] (continued) The full statements delivered by member states during the UNGASS general debate are available here.  Nepal – Established national coordination committee for drug abuse control with separate district level committees in the country. Doing our best to address drug problems. Look to international community for enhanced cooperation, including in coordination with …

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