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Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC)

Side Event: Preventing Overdose

Preventing Overdose Side Event. Dr. Gerra.  UNODC. Introduces Michael Boticelli.  Speaking of principles who take care of people in all stages of disease.  Cannot recover if you can’t survive.  Change mentality of society in general.  When you die there is someone else to take care of you.  Cannot imagine that you can die without someone …

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HRC side event – Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD project)

Ian Goodhew: Deputy chief of staff – kings county prosecuting attorney’s office Innovative project made up of a number of organisations including the Seattle Police department, the prosecutors office, the defender association (public defence agency), ACLU, department of corrections, sheriff’s office. LEAD gives police on the street a choice when arresting low level offenders about diverting them into treatment. It …

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