Instituto Ria

Informal dialogue with the WHO

Lucía Goberna (VNGOC): Welcome Vladimir Pozniak (WHO): Thank you for being here, we hope this will become a tradition at CND. Kenzi Riboulet (FAAAT): There are three departments of WHO concerned with matters related to controlled drugs: Health products (EMP), Substance abuse (MSA), and Traditional/Complementary medicine (T&CM). What collaboration, coordination or cooperation exists between these …

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Side Event: Civil society on member state delegations to the CND: Models for engagement, benefits, and lessons learned

Organised by the Governments of Canada, Mexico and New Zealand, the International Drug Policy Consortium, the Centre of Drug Policy Evaluation, the New Zealand Drug Foundation, and the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition Zara Snapp, Instituto RIA I’ve been on the Mexican delegation foe the last 6-7 years, and wanted to share experiences. Some delegations, you …

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