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Working with drug offenders inside and outside prisons – Good practices and recommendations

Organized by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the UNODC Justice Section and the Italian Red Cross in partnership with Villa Maraini Foundation. Wolfgang Kopetzky, Former secretary general of Austrian Red Cross This is an extremely relevant and urgent topic. Over the past decade treatment and alternatives to imprisonment have received …

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UNGASS Special Segment Day 3 – Interactive discussion on Cross-cutting issues: New challenges, threats and realities in preventing and addressing the world drug problem in compliance with relevant international law

UNODC Introduction – New challenges have emerged in recent years related to new harmful substances and new trafficking route, and new trafficking modus operandi. Successes can be claimed in terms of reduced illicit cultivation and improved treatment services. But, challenges remain in ensuring the right balance in reduction of both demand and supply. Some of the challenges …

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CND Plenary Day 3 – Red Cross

More humanitarian aspects of drug policy. Encouraging to see the shift. Put an end to the horrors of the drug war. Advocate for pragmatic and evidence-based policies. Reduce negative consequences of drug use. Harm reduction activities being implemented by Red Cross. However, this is not enough. Need drug policy reforms. Countries will be better served …

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Side Event: Preventing Overdose

Preventing Overdose Side Event. Dr. Gerra.  UNODC. Introduces Michael Boticelli.  Speaking of principles who take care of people in all stages of disease.  Cannot recover if you can’t survive.  Change mentality of society in general.  When you die there is someone else to take care of you.  Cannot imagine that you can die without someone …

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