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Ivory Coast

Committee of the Whole – Resolutions L3

Resolution L3 – Reintegration of persons released from prison who have renounced drug abuse Sponsors: Burkino Faso, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and US 38600 USD to collect info. Expert group be formed in meeting in Vienna. 5 regional trainings at country level. Grants to treatment institutions. 71,000 USD to prepare the report Adopted! Cosponsors …

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Statement of Cote D’Ivoire at HLM

The statement said that the country was ‘Facing the worst crisis in its entire history’. It expressed concern about the prevalence of ‘smoking dens’, noting that 29 smoking dens had been destroyed during recent police operations. Drugs lead to the spread of HIV in the country both via injecting and via unsafe sexual behaviours.

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