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Committee of the Whole. Resolution L.3. Strengthening international cooperation in combating the misuse of information and communications technologies for drug trafficking and drug-related money-laundering

Chair: I hand over to Russia to present the text: Russia: Russia introduces this draft resolution during consultation on 11th of March, we hope this adoption will help contribute to the addressing the world drug program. (sic). A number of delegations, including China, Singapore, and Turkey, introduced into the heading the word “illicit”, and “precursors”, …

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Resolution L3 – Ensuring access to drug treatment, education, after-care, rehabilitation, and social reintegration services, for people within marginalized populations (cont.)

Chair: Welcome back to the Committee of the Whole. I hope you all had a good night and everybody is ready, in good spirits, and in constructive spirits. Last night, resolution six by Nigeria was agreed in the committee and submitted to the Plenary. As soon as the English version is available, it will be posted on …

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Committee of the Whole (Wednesday afternoon) L3- Promoting and improving the collection and analysis of reliable and comparable data to strengthen balanced, integrated, comprehensive, multidisciplinary and scientific evidence-based responses to the world drug problem

-L3- Chair: Some questions have been cleared through the informals. PP6bis Chair: Agreed in CoW PP10 Chair: Agreed in CoW PP12 Netherlands: Discussion on the UN system. MS had discussion on compromise you can see below. We can agree on it here. Chair: Invite comments. We have 3 different proposals. We can accept part of …

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