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CND Thematic Discussions // Session 6 – Non-compliance of responses with international drug control conventions & human rights obligations

Chair: Welcome back. The challenge that we will be focusing on this afternoon responses not in conformity with the three international drug conventions, and not in conformity with applicable international human rights obligations pose a challenge to the implementation of joint commitment based on the principle of responsibility. UNODC Scientific Services Branch:  I have a brief moment …

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Plenary Item 3. General debate (continued)

United Republic of Tanzania: Thank you Madam Chair for giving my delegation the floor. At the outset, allow me to extend my delegation’s warm congratulation to you and other members of the Bureau. Upon your election on this 66th session, I wish to commend the executive secretary of UNODC and the staff for organising this …

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Committee of the Whole (Wednesday afternoon) – L5 Promoting the involvement of youth in drug prevention efforts

OP1 Chair: We will commence with this, agreed in informals. Australia: We should include ‘scientific “and” evidence-based’. Chair: I imagine we can accept this? Indeed that’s the case, that’s agreed by the CoW.   OP2 Chair: Also agreed in informals. Any comments? Then I take it’s acceptable for the Member States. And thus agreed in …

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