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CND intersessional meeting, 26 september 2018: Access to controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes

Chair: Good Morning. Let’s start right away with the presentations and take advantage of the opportunity to conduct interactive sessions. PANEL: Dr. Gilberto Gerra, Chief of Drug Prevention and Health Branch, UNODC: Access to controlled drugs for medical purposes while preventing misuse and diversion. For long time this aspect was not paid attention so now …

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CND Intersessional Meeting – 10 October: Operational recommendations on Ensuring the availability of and access to controlled substances exclusively for medical and scientific purposes, while preventing their diversion

Gilberto Gerra, UNODC: There is a clear imbalance in terms of access to essential medicines. The UNGASS outcome document contemplates measures to facilitate this. Ethical mandate to reduce burden of pain. Countries have produced a myriad of supplementary regulations that restrict access and go beyond international obligations: burdensome registration of patients, specific permissions for doctors, …

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