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Side event: Taking the Pledge4Action to ensure adequate availability of internationally controlled essential medicines

The 50-minute side event was sponsored by the Kingdom of Belgium and hosted by the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care. Co-sponsors were Dianova, CAPSA, INCB, Pallium India, Union for International Cancer Control, Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, and the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance. Professor Dr Dr Charlotte Colman, Professor Drug Policy and …

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CND Intersessional – 23rd January: Operational recommendations on cross-cutting issues: Human rights, youth, children, women and communities

UNODC Justice Section: Chapter contains 2 sets of recommendations concerning vulnerable members of society and criminal justice proceedings. Those concerning vulnerable peoples discuss the needs of children drug offenders/those affected by drugs and mainstreaming a gender perspective in drug policy. Children must be appropriately considered in criminal justice proceedings. UNODC developed a global programme to …

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Side Event: Striving for Equity in the Treatment of Pain

Dr Zipporah Ali: In Kenya, advocacy is changing the policy landscape. Continuous meetings with ministry of health have helped to achieve this. The national authority for the campaign of drug abuse, invited us to take part in a workshop. Eventually, the narcotic drugs psychotropic control act 1994 was amended, following progressive policy proposals. This is …

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Side Event: Resolving the Global Crisis of Untreated Pain by Improving Access to Controlled Medicines within the Framework of the SDGs

Marie-Paule Kieny, WHO: Emphasize that access to essential medicines is a fundamental pillar. Not nearly enough focus has been paid to access to essential medicines. One of the most important medicines, morphine, is emblematic of the fight to ensure access of medicines. Considered the gold standard for pain relief, yet more than 5 billion people …

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