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Committee of the Whole, L8. Enhancing the capacity of Member States to ensure the availability of controlled substances

OP 1 Russia: Providing assistance to states for assessing needs and necessary information to control substances for legitimate purposes, in relation to the title, we have no specific proposal we are ready to accept the title as it is on the screen. Nonetheless we would like to examine the text.  Spain: there are three separate …

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Side event: Voices from the ground: The impact of drug policies on women in situations of vulnerability

Organized by Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales, the International Drug Policy Consortium, the Women and Harm Reduction International Network, the Washington Office on Latin America and Equis Justicia para las Mujeres. Presentations will focus on the challenges faced by pregnant women who use drugs, the over-incarceration of women for drug offences in Asia, and …

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