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CND Plenary: Item 5 Implementation of the Political Declaration and Plan of Action on International Cooperation towards an Integrated and Balanced Strategy to Counter the World Drug Problem (Wednesday)

Youth Forum – Students from Montenegro & Qatar: Students from over 30 countries have come together to express concerns over drug issues, and to try to propose a way forward in what seems like a an impossible goal. Collective ideas from fresh eyes can bring progress. A broad approach is the best way to deal …

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General Assembly: Thirtieth special session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem (Opening segment)

The full statements delivered by member states during the UNGASS general debate are available here.  Mogens Lykketoft: Ladies and gentlemen, I think for the election as President of this special session. Let me express my condolences to the delegations of Ecuador and Japan whose countries have been hit by deadly earthquakes. It is an honour …

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CND Intersessional – 12 November 2015

Ambassadors Antonio Castellanos (in substitution for Amb. Arthayudh Srisamoot) and Khaled Shamaa chaired the session, which continued discussions on the preparatory process towards the UNGASS 2016 and, in particular the Outcomes Document. In this regard, Amb. Castellanos recalled the dates for key upcoming CND meetings: CND Intersessional Meeting (8 December): 10am-1pm; 3-6pm. Special segment on the UNGASS …

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Youth Substance Use and Misuse: Challenges and Progress

Organized by the Government of Poland, in partnership with the Youth Organisations for Drug Action. Jan Stola, YODA Issues of criminalization and partial decriminalization of possession for personal use in Poland. Cannabis is the most popular drug among youth, followed by amphetamines. Number of youth admitted to drug treatment has decreased, although the total number …

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Roundtable on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — Friday 5th December

There is consensus that there is a negative and mutually reinforcing link between violence, insecurity, and development.  There are six essential elements for delivery y Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Partnership, justice, planet, people, dignity, property.  “Justice” to promote safe and peaceful societies and strong institutions.” Violence reduction is one of these targets, and violent deaths …

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