Side event: Mainstreaming a gender perspective in the treatment of drug use disorders

Organized by Sweden with the support of Mexico, and the UNODC Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section and the World Health Organization H.E. Annika Markovic, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sweden: Sweden is very pleased to organise this event. There are serious challenges and shortcomings in tackling women’s specific situations in drug care and also in …

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CND 64th Reconvened Session – 10th December 2021

<Technical issues> Mexico: (…) in recent days, we have seen how a number of delegations have sought to influence the Secretariat and to censor documentation, frankly, violating article 100 of the UN charter. Which should we fail to recall is not only an international treaty, but rather it is ´the´ international treaty that depends on …

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Plenary – Item 3. General debate

Costa Rica on behalf of the group of the 77 and China: We appreciate the preparatory work going into this event and maneuvering the pandemic. Common and shared responsibility that should be taken under in international cooperation based on scientific evidence to safeguard all humanity. Multilateralism and effective collaboration is essential, just as international law. …

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