Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Side Event: Transformation of Opium Poppy Economies: Crises, Booms and Future of Drug Policies

Organized by México Unido Contra la Delincuencia, Open Society Foundations, Transform Drug Policy Foundation and Transnational Institute Moderator: Tania Ramirez, MUCD Mexico Steve Rolles, Transform UK Issues around legal and illegal opium in Mexico and international system. We work with MUCD and have produced briefing on the left, and a broader critique on the failings …

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Side Event: Amphetamines: Current and Future Innovations in Policy, Harm Reduction and Regulation

Organized by Transform Drug Policy Foundation. Steve Rolles, Transform Drug Policy Foundation: Amphetamines and methamphetamines are both available as legal medicines and via the illegal market, either diverted or via unregulated production. Production around amphetamines is somewhat easy to answer, as we already have a scaled up legal model for medical use. Could expand the …

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