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Side Event: Improving system-wide coherence by reprioritising metrics to evaluate illicit drug policy

Side event organised by ICSDP, GDPO, Transform, IDPC, Switzerland, Mexico and Brazil.  Dave Bewley-Taylor, University of Swansea Global Drug Policy Observatory. The Sustainable Development Goals that have been agreed by the United Nations further amplify the need for better drug policy metrics. Drugs can be seen as influential across all the Sustainable Development Goals – …

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Meeting the Challenge: Implementing a Comprehensive Public Health Approach to Illegal Drugs

Organized by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and Transform Drug Policy Foundation Donald MacPherson, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition First principle of the treaties is protection of public health. There has been a growing discussion of public health at the CND. Milton Romani, National Drug Coordinator, Government of Uruguay  Public health is coherent with the objective …

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UNGASS Special Segment Day 3 – Interactive discussion on cross-cutting issues: drugs and human rights, youth, women, children and communities

UNODC. Introductory statement. Agenda item 4c relates to the health and human rights, focusing on the need of women, children and youth, who are affected in many ways by drugs and their consequences. UNODC has drawn several conclusions: drug use disorders and their health complications such as HIV, HCV and overdoses are public health issues …

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Supply Reduction Roundtable Part 3

Egypt. Has felt magnitude of threat at all levels.  Comprehensive strategy to counter.  Liquidation of criminal rings.  Combating precursors and chemical drugs.  Have been making every effort to combat illicit cultivaton of all drugs including opium.  Have also been combating production of precursors and all chemical drugs.  Egypt as transit country for Afghanistan drugs.  Developing …

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