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CND thematic sessions on the implementation of all international drug policy commitments, following-up to the 2019 Ministerial Declaration – 19 October 2021

Thematic session 1: Increasing links between drug trafficking, corruption and other forms of organized crime, including trafficking in persons, trafficking in firearms, cybercrime and money-laundering and, in some cases, terrorism, including money-laundering in connection with the financing of terrorism, are observed; Chair: Good morning. Good morning also to all those who are joining us online, …

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Plenary – Item 6. Follow-up to the implementation at the national, regional and international levels of all commitments, as reflected in the Ministerial Declaration of 2019, to address and counter the world drug problem

Chair. ‘As you know, before the 2019 CND we held a Ministerial Segment to take stock of the progress made on the implementation of the 2009 Political Declaration. At the opening of the Segment Ministers adopted by consensus the 2019 Ministerial Declaration. While acknwledging that tangible progress had been achieved, noted with concern the challenges posed …

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