Plenary: Agenda Item 7 Preparations for the sixty-second session of the Commission, to be held in 2019. Friday afternoon

Malta on behalf of the EU: Macedonia, Montenegro, Iceland, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, Moldavia, and Georgia align themselves with this statement. For the CND to conduct its mandate it is essential it is able to promote the broad implementation of the agreed recommendations. The CND will also need to promote the UNGASS 2016 outcome document as the main policy framework. Further embed the 7 chapters of the Outcome Document in our joint efforts to address harms and any new commitment reinforces the UNGASS commitments. It is important to work with other international organisations and communities. It will need the required financial resources to meet its goals, but also by being cost effective. We all support strengthening the link with 2030 SDGs. Finally a high level segment needs to instead into the 62nd Session.

China: We ask you to consider the 2009 Political Plan of Action in 2019. We do not stand for the opening of a new round of discussion on documents. Constitutes a consensus on the world drug problem and should be implemented. Also promote the implementation of the UNGASS document. Therefore it is the common responsibility of states to implement the UNGASS document. China believes the high level meeting in 2019 should consider the 2009 Plan of Action, and promote the 2030 agenda.

United States: We support the proposal of the meeting in 2019 to follow the 2016 session and 2009 session. It is not productive or efficient to hold another UNGASS in 2019. It is the opinion of my government that the meeting should follow on from 2016 and implement the goals of the UNGASS outcome document. The US will support the implementation of L9.

Colombia: I wish to make a statement on L9 regarding the meeting Costa Rica, Ghana, Tanzania, Mexico, Guatemala, Switzerland, Uruguay and Panama, we wish to record that the UNGASS outcome document introduces substantial changes for the way we address the world drug problem and we support the implementation of this document.

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