From Intersessional Meetings

CND intersessional – 23 February 2017: Preparations for the 62nd Session in 2019

WHO: The role of the WHO is to determine whether drugs and NPS should be controlled or, if controlled, if their schedule should be changed. This decision is made by the ECDD with decisions made on scientific grounds. Elements considered include: likelihood of abuse (compared with existing controlled substances), convertibility into existing controlled substances, degree …

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CND intercessional – 25 January 2017: Operational recommendations on Strengthening international cooperation based on the principle of common and shared responsibility

Angela Me, UNODC. UNGASS has enabled us to understand the new realities and to build on objective and quality information. This is what I can read from the outcome document in terms of data and statistics. We need more and better information, especially on NPS, on the dark net. Research has been undertaken at regional level …

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CND intersessional: 24 January 2017 – Operational recommendations on Alternative development; regional, interregional and international cooperation on development-oriented balanced drug control policy; addressing socio-economic issues

Chair. I have the pleasure to invite George Hughes, from UNODC. George Hughes, UNODC. Thank you, Mr chairman. Pleasure to be here again to talk about chapter 7. Presentation about what the CND can do to help implement chapter 7. No specific recommendations about what the commission can do. A number of base elements that …

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