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Committee of the Whole (Thursday morning). L4. Promoting measures to prevent and treat viral hepatitis C among people who use drugs

Chair: Happy new year to those who celebrate Norway: Thank you everyone for time yesterday – 3 outstanding PPs and title left. Let’s first agree to paragraphs agreed in informals. PPs on 2019 Ministerial Declaration USA: Thank you Norway – combine PPs on Min Dec statements. Belgium: Amendment for last line – add ‘continue to …

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Item 12. Inter-agency cooperation and coordination of efforts in addressing and countering the world drug problem

Director of Division for Policy Analysis, UNODC: conference room papers CRP.5 and CRP.10 have been submitted to this session. UNGASS outcome document reaffirmed purpose of collaboration and strengthening international cooperation. UNODC joins forces with other UN agencies and Secretariat supports CND to strengthen cooperation, including status of women and UN Statistical Commission, and SDGs. Want …

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