From Panel Discussions/Roundtables

CND Plenary Day 2 – Statement by IOGT International

IOGT International  We are a new platform of organisations. We have global network of 150 organisations. Drug abuse is related to a number of social and health factors. It is associated with an exacerbation of social programmes. The objective of drug policy is to prevent these harms. Drug prevention, community-based strategies promoting a drug-free environment …

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Roundtable on countering money laundering report

Thank all those who participated.  Speakers expressed concerns about scale of illicit financial flows from drug trafficking.  Proceeds to banking system and informal and formal transfer systems.  Highlighted disruption of financial flows is a major component in disrupting transnational organized crime.  FATF recommendations useful in combating illicit financial flows.  Anti-money laundering legal framework.  Financial intelligence …

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