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CND Plenary Day 2 – VNGOC statement

We have a long history in setting up partnerships with NGOs. In Beyond 2008, we partnered with hundreds of NGOs and delivered a strong statement. We should have a preparatory role at UNGASS. We look to work with CND for the 2016 UNGASS to create a process for a global process. It is an intergovernmental process, but there is need for NGO involvement.
– Need to create a civil society task force
– financial and income support to permit a truly global consultation on key priority areas
– host a formal CS hearing that permits that outcomes are reflected at UNGASS
– NGO should be involved at CND, consultations with working groups, roundtables, etc.

Priorities should also be discussed:
– we need an understanding of what a health-based approach means.
– we must build a more effective system-wide coherence among UN institutions. The UN task force is an important venue for this.
– we must capitalise on the flexibilities of the UN drug conventions. We would welcome an informal discussion on this with member states
– we still lack robust data to inform effective policies and interventions.

We strongly appreciate your support last week and this week in your statements.

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