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Argentina Speech to HLM

We have changed our methodology from qualitative to quantitave when dealing with drug crimes. We are dealing with new types of drugs including precursors. We are giving greater emphasis to international criminal law cooperation which was almost non existant. In orther words, Argentina has done what needed to be done and we have taken steps towards use, abuse and production. We are aware of use of drugs in prison populations and hiv in the prisons and we have decided to defend human rights. We have also taken the unprecedented measures of the distribution of condoms and we have come up with a broad ranging plan with the health services. Concerning the present session, there is a dual goal, a reminder of the commitments we have already made (respecting fundamental freedoms), respect for international cooperation and respect for due process. None of this is news. We are going to bring evaluation of production and distributions within the framework of the appropriate conventions. We would invite states to give new emphasis to the spirit of the united nations charter and make the following recommendation that crops be eradicated for the most vulnerable populations. As for the UN declaration it must be implemented in accordance with the declaration of human rights. Also, respect for due process on the basis of the united nations charter and international instruments to do with human rights. In the case of any conflict between the two, the charter must always prevail. Shared responsibility between states should be enhanced to reduce the size of the illegal market in particular with regards to criminal law, correct evaluation of drug monitoring and control . On behalf of the President of Argentina all of us must respect human rights and the rule of law and in particular we must not forget Article 56 and 57 of the Charter and that all actions must be under framework of human rights, fundamental freedoms rule of law

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