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Morocco Speech to HLM

We hope that these two documents will be subject to rapid implementation. Morocco finds itself in the front line thanks to the mobilisation of morroccan authorities and investing of national means with the national strategy against cannabis through the Moroccan security forces. UNODC and all of the partners here bilaterally and multilaterally should provide necessary technical assistance. Criminal organisations are national even global. We must also fight against drug consumption, it is drug consumption that allows gangs to obtain their power so this must be a top priority as it is to do with collective human strength and security – entire regions of the world are destabilised and drugs are connected to human trafficking rings, terrorism, and organised crime. I am aware that the global approach is imperative and we have put the national strategy in the fight against drugs at the centre of our approach. The Morroccan strategy is part of the global approach to supply reduction. The strategy has as its objectives the significant elimination of cannabis cultivation and we have eradicated 70% of the known area and dismantled many of the known organised crime and trafficking rings – but note, 600 of the people we’ve brought before our courts in this regard were not Morroccan. Alternative development in the form of agriculture, fishing, and other activities that can produce social income have had a positive impact as have regional cooperation agreements and i think this is an excellent example of the right kind of initiatives. I’d also like to mention moroccan’s joining the anti drugs coordination centre. If we look at the documents with incb you will see that morroccan has been determined but that efforts have been modest compared with the size of the task and in order to make sure our results are long lasting in particular with regard to alternative development we reiterate that international cooperation is the main pillar of any fight against the drug system.

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