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Algeria National Speech to HLM

Algeria’s participation in the HLM bears witness to the continuity of the commitment to the strengthening of the international regime for drug control and the fight against narcotics worldwide through the promotion of socio economic development and the rule of law all of which is a contribution towards peace and security and the millennium development of goals. Algeria associates itself with a remobilisation of efforts by international community as reflected in the political declaration and plan of action. We must favour international cooperation and to meet the challenges we face today because of the production and consumption and trafficking of illicit drugs. Efforts should be focussed as a priority on strengthening the international regime and the instruments of control – consolidation should take place of unodc and incb. In this context we have to emphasise the prime responsibility that states have for the implementation of international instruments in the context of fight against drugs and also the concept of shared responsibilities and bearing in mind the legal obligations of countries under treaties. We are alarmed by the alarming increase of cocaine and cannabis production, and highlight the acute nature of this problem. This problem of all drugs has no exception. As we all know the new and major challenges we face feed off the blood money of narcotics. Mutual legal assistance, extradition, and exchange of intelligence is required as part of international cooperation. The devastating effects of blood money and ill gotten gain and the integrity of justice and police system are evidenced and national cooperation must follow. We will gain by the synergy created here to the UNODC and INCB as well as other bodies such as UNAIDS and WHO. These organisations, particularly UNODC, should be given enough financial assistance to meet their obligations. As a country which is a transit country for drugs from the meditteranean and Sub Saharan African, we would urge UNODC to employ greater efforts towards transit countries. We are ready to make our contribution. Algeria is working on trying to strike a balance between law enforcement and deterrence and prevention. We have even passed a law on alternatives to imprisonment for drug addicts such as treatment and rehabilitioin and we are tyring to involve civil society in this issue. We have been strengthening our main office on drugs as well as the scientific laboraties. We would like to take this opportunity to work resolutely towards the realisation of objectives to free our world in the next decade of the threats of drug abuse to human health.


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