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Guatamala Speech to HLM

In the transit countries we are not substituting illicit crops for licit ones – we are substituting illicit activities for licit ones but still often farmers are forced to cooperate with drug traffickers leaving their legitimate crops and allowing their farms to be used for air strips for example. We are preoccupied that the drug traffickers are using groups of organised youth, for the most part made up of minors, and even children. The transit countries turn into storage areas, services are paid in cash or in product. International attention has focussed on countries that produce large drugs. This does not attend to new producer countries emerging and transit countries. Attention must be paid and not least to alternative development. We have strengthened national laws against trafficking and drug abuse. Financial problems limit the scope of prevention and treatment programmes and limit the efforts made to strengthen the rule of law. We will continue to carry out and support actions on a global and national level. We need to support additional technical and financial resources. We make an appeal to unodc especially with regards to earmarking under the action plan on behalf of the countries of Central America.

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