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El Salvador Speech to HLM

My delegation endorses the statement made by Argentina on behalf of G77 and China and we wish to express our gratitude for the UNODC development of new initiatives for crime prevention work. We express our staunch support to UNODC to continue carrying out its work in a timely way. Due to its strategic position on the continent, central America suffers from organised crime and the positioning of cartels which have converted our countries into transits. We seek to guarantee regional security from a comprehensive standpoint. We are all aware of the adverse impact of drug trafficking on security and stability through corruption and terrorism. We repeat our firm condemnation of all these scourges. We believe in the need for mechanisms to prevent and combat all these problems to combat violence and we look for alternative means to combat drug prevention and crime. In this spirit we wish to point out our regional summit. It is important to have a shared and common responsibility and we should investigate and punish crimes related to drugs. A serious threat to peace and social stability is the problem of the criminal action of gangs, this is a cross border matter and we are working out comprehensive polices. We are also working to encourage the signing of international conventions and we are working towards an international law enforcement academy which facilitates technical training for all officials. We support the establishment of a regional centre in El Salvador, Mr Costa will be visiting my country to inaugaurate this. We want to share experiences and look at every link in the chain. We believe it is important to have networks and combat this scourge. Madame chair there have been many challenges from the 1998 ungass general assembly session and it is only political will that will mean we can come to grips with this drug problem that destroys our populations.

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